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Sean Erenstoft on Selling Real Estate

What Every Reluctant Home Seller Should Know

Do you want to sell your home but have a list of excuses why you’re not ready? I’ve heard it all. I meet a lot of people as a realtor with Sotheby’s. It’s part of the job. Here’s what I have to tell the reluctant seller. Holding...

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Tour Los Angeles with Sotheby's Realtor Sean Erenstoft

Visiting Los Angeles? Custom Buyer’s Tour with Sean Erenstoft

In town visiting and want to look at properties to buy?  Tour Los Angeles with Sotheby's Realtor Sean Erenstoft.  Ask Sotheby's agent, Sean Erenstoft to customize a tour of available properties utilizing both the MLS and private pocket listi...

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Fixer Properties

I love properties I can fix and resell. It’s how I made a small fortune in my 30’s. Los Angeles real estate is aging. Today, you can drive any neighborhood and observe a 1940’s styled home sitting next door to a hyper-modern structure....

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Sean Erenstoft Discusses The Fed's Interest Rate Hike

Don’t Yawn: Future Homebuyers Should Care About the Fed Raising the Key Interest Rate .25 Percent

[In this article, Sean Erenstoft discusses the fed's recent interest rate hike.  He explains the need for potential homeowners to pre-qualify for loans if they think they might purchase property in 2017.] If you are thinking about purchasing...

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Sean Erenstoft's EstatesInLA

Sean Erenstoft Discusses Pocket-Listings: Take Advantage!

Sean Erenstoft discusses the advantages of contacting a Sotheby's realtor to discuss off-market/pocket listings.  Sean can help you be the first to bid on a property because the public hasn't seen a listing. Pocket listings (also known as ...

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Sean Erentstoft Discusses Generation X and Millennial Homebuyers

Sean Erenstoft of Sotheby’s Tackles Gen/X Homebuyers in Los Angeles

Sotheby's recruitment of Sean Erenstoft demarks the uniting of the world's leading full-service art and real estate business with the emerging Gen/X homebuyers.  A Gen/X'er himself, Sean recognizes the growing niche of young entrepreneurs wh...

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Sean Erenstoft Discusses Probate Pitfalls

Realtor, Sean Erenstoft Discusses Handling Probate Personal Property

Sean Erenstoft Discusses Probate Pitfalls: (Handling the Decedent's Personal Property) When I was handling probate matters as a lawyer, I often suffered the problem of clearing the decedent’s home of the knick-knacks to enable me to stage ...

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Millennials Call on Sotheby's Realtor Sean Erenstoft to Buy Properties

Millennials Call on Sotheby’s Realtor Sean Erenstoft to Buy Properties >>> Here’s Why.

Millennials Call on Sotheby's Realtor Sean Erenstoft to Buy Properties. Millennials are refusing to shop with the masses. They use technology to their advantage and avoid competition.  I’m Sean Erenstoft from Sotheby’s and part of Gen/X...

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Homes Not Hotels

Ever Thought of Renting Your Home?

Sean Erenstoft Discusses AirBNB Debate Now Looming in Los Angeles.  Pay Heed to the Debate Raging Now. If you are a homeowner who ever thought of renting your home short-term, you may have heard of Air BNB (or perhaps one of its competitor...

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Divorce & Probate Sales

Sean Erenstoft of Sotheby’s Lectures on Probate and Distressed Property Sales

Whether it be a probate, trustee, divorce or bankruptcy sale, the involvement of the court system severely complicates most arms-length transactions.  Sean Erenstoft's 25 years of experience as a trial attorney handling real estate litigation...

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