Sotheby’s International Realty


The Art of Home

A natural fit for Sotheby's, Sean Erenstoft has worldwide sensibilities and extensive experience handling a cadre of high net-worth individuals, celebrities, and up-and-coming millennials. Sean Erenstoft is a life-long L.A. resident, builder and property investor. "I'm honored to be working with Sotheby's International Realty given its stellar reputation and established access to the global market."

The Art of Home:

Focused on the aesthetics of property. . . Sean Erenstoft has a highly developed skill for helping his clients stage their homes for maximum sales appeal. He employs marketing and P.R. experts and relies heavily on drone and 3-D photographic and video technologies to provide cutting-edge listings. "I believe in affordable staging options, and keep interior designers, architects, and landscapers busy working for my clients."

Expertise At Your Service:

Sean Erenstoft specializes in working with lawyers and fiduciaries to push-through complex property sales mired in divorce, probate litigation and bankruptcy. He's a former litigator who worked for Lloyd's of London insureds handling a plethora of real estate, finance, construction, landlord/tenant, concealment, easement, and zoning disputes. "Attorneys and fiduciaries can benefit from my legal experience navigating 'due diligence' and the court-mandated processes of buying and selling California property."

Bio of Sean Erenstoft:

I've lived around the world but L.A. is my home. I have formed a media company and a military veterans' organization dedicated to serving vets' vocational and housing needs. I am an avid wine and watch collector and enjoy rebuilding and racing vintage motorcycles. I have two Pugs (Tubbs and Crockett) and truly enjoy the art of home with my wife Donna.